Freedom Call: Ages of Light

Freedom Call: Ages of Light
Title: Ages of Light
Label: Steamhammer Us

2013 two CD collection from the German Power Metal band, released to coincide with their 15th Anniversary. Disc One features 18 of the band's most requested tracks. Disc Two, titled Masqueraded, presents six Freedom Call tracks in new and unusual guises: A ska version of 'Metal-Invasion', 'Mr. Evil' as a melodic reggae track, 'Hero on Video' as a speed ska number and 'Rockin' Radio' (which is also supported by a video clip) in a killerbilly version. Masqueraded is complemented by 'Freedom Call' in campfire strumming style (including music sheet/tablature) and 'Age of the Phoenix' in a power swing outfit.

1.1 We Are One
1.2 Tears Falling
1.3 Freedom Call
1.4 Farewell
1.5 Metal Invasion [Live]
1.6 Warriors
1.7 Land of Light
1.8 Hunting High and Low
1.9 Mr. Evil
1.10 Far Away
1.11 Blackened Sun
1.12 Thunder God
1.13 Tears of Babylon
1.14 A Perfect Day [Live]
1.15 Hero on Video
1.16 Power ; Glory
1.17 Rockstars
1.18 Back Into the Land of Light
2.1 Metal Invasion [Metal Folk Version] [Version]
2.2 Mr. Evil [Melodic Reggae Version] [Version]
2.3 Hero on Video [Speed Ska Version] [Version]
2.4 Rockin' Radio [Killerbilly Version] [Version]
2.5 Freedom Call [Camp Fire Strumming Version] [Version]
2.6 Age of the Phoenix [Power Swing Version] [Version]

Freedom Call: Ages of Light

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