Fresherthans (DJ Brace & Vekked)

Fresherthans (DJ Brace & Vekked): Champ Cuts

$10.30 $11.98
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Title: Champ Cuts
Label: Fresherthan Records
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Seven inch vinyl pressing. Champ cuts is a scratch record made by world champions DJ Brace and Vekked. Whether you're a 45 DJ or a portable scratcher, this one is for you.

1.1 Welcome to the Next Level
1.2 I Gotta Stay Fresh, Yeah
1.3 Rythm You Have It or You Dont, Damn
1.4 Youre Mad Cuz I'm Styling in You
1.5 Skipless Harmonica Loop
1.6 With My Funky Ass Style, Woo
1.7 It's About to Get Ill
1.8 We Bout to Rock the Whole Planet
1.9 Skipless Drum Loop
1.10 Lock Groove Bass Tone

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