Friends Family

Friends Family: Get Together

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Artist: Friends Family

Artist: Friends Family
Title: Get Together

As musicians with varied backgrounds in pop, rock, jazz, classical and music theatre, the music performed by Friends & Family is likewise diverse. From covers of current Christian songs, to contemporary arrangements of classic hymns, we are just as likely to resurrect socially conscious music from the 1960's, or find spiritual significance in the music of the Broadway stage. You'll find nearly all these genres represented on this CD, selected from some of our favorites presented each week during the contemporary service at Centenary United Methodist Church, in Mankato MN. Besides the music we play we also find great joy in including others in our widening circle of musical friends. Special thanks to Dave, Kim, Nick, Jason & Ben, for contributing their talents to this CD and occasionally joining us on Sunday mornings. But most of all, we hope you will find a song or two that touches your heart or speaks to your soul. Let's all "Get Together" in peace and love. As the lyrics say, "If you hear the song I sing, you will understand..."

1.1 Let's Get Together
1.2 Mighty Clouds of Joy
1.3 Healing Rain
1.4 Testify to Love
1.5 Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)
1.6 There Is Power in the Blood
1.7 We Fall Down
1.8 What a Friend We Have in Jesus
1.9 Forever
1.10 Knowing You (All I Once Held Dear)
1.11 He Lives

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