Fright Pig

Fright Pig: Out of the Barnyard

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Fright Pig

Artist: Fright Pig
Title: Out of the Barnyard

Fright Pig is pleased to present 'Out of the Barnyard'...the long awaited pork-basted Progressive Rock extravaganza. The CD Digipak release features 7 helpings of Progressive streaky bacon along with a mind-boggling 12 page booklet by that masterful enfant terrible...Ed Unitsky. The album is brash, unapologetic, intricate, and thought-provoking...exactly what you would expect from a pig who swills hard corn syrup and lives in a musty underground burrow. following in that grand progressive rock tradition of weaving a fantastic tale... this album too, tells a story. One that is rooted in that earthy bastion of bucolic tranquility known as the barnyard. Scandalous, huh? I bet that you think about barnyards all of the time! Well, be forewarned. Everything that you thought you knew about animal husbandry will be forever shattered, every agrarian notion turned upside down. For in every barnyard, a shadowy warren that corrupts and embitters, impairs and consumes. Prepare yourself for the unexpected, hold on tightly to your loved one, and join Fright Pig in a rollicking musical ride through the Progressive ether. And get Out of the Barnyard.

1.1 Re: Creation
1.2 Incident at Pembroke
1.3 The Meaning of Dreams
1.4 Barque at the Lune
1.5 Darkest of Forms
1.6 Presumido
1.7 The Claustrophobia of Time

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