Front End Loader

Front End Loader: Laughing with Knives

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Front End Loader
Title: Laughing with Knives

Australia's least popular, relatively well-known band", returns with a whip-cracking, era-defining, career-threatening live album. This is one of Australia's great rock bands in all their glory, at their best, live and thumping, at one of the country's iconic rock venues, the Annandale Hotel, Sydney. The live album includes 22 classic songs, including "'Fraid Knot", "Time And Inclination", "Weak As Piss", "There Is No Cure", "4 Star Heritage Arsehole". All recorded and mixed by rising star engineer Jon-boy Rock (Wolfmother). The 19 track bonus disc of B-Sides (and a rarity!) sports a bunch of rare, hard-to-get and long out-of-print recordings, all given a healthy remastering.

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