Fruupp: Future Legends

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Fruupp

Title: Future Legends
Label: Esoteric

2009 digitally remastered edition. Originally released in October 1973 on Pye's Dawn label, Future Legends was the debut release by these Northern Irish Progressive Rock masters. A wonderful exercise in Symphonic and Melodic rock, the album was highly acclaimed upon release launching the band on a live career that saw them share the bill with such luminaries as Genesis (with whom they were often compared). Future Legends is now remastered from the original tapes and includes the track 'On a Clear Day' which only featured on the first 100 copies of the album. Nine tracks. Esoteric.

1.1 Future Legends
1.2 Decision
1.3 As Day Breaks with Dawn
1.4 Graveyard Epistle
1.5 Lord of the Incubus
1.6 Olde Tyme Future
1.7 Song for a Thought
1.8 Future Legends
1.9 On a Clear Day

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