Fuck Face

Fuck Face: Assclown

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Artist: Fuck Face

Artist: Fuck Face
Title: Assclown

South Philadelphia grindcore sickos Fuck Face are back from the depths of your mother's rotten asshole! Punishing brutality at it's best, Assclown delivers everything grind has to offer with devastating speed and extreme aggression, plus a stage show that is on par with the antics of The Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza. Features a guest appearance from Dan O'Hare of Total Fucking Destruction. Absolutely must be 18 years old to purchase, open at your own risk! A must have release for fans of Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Anal Cunt, The Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza, Blood Duster, Brutal Truth, Call The Paramedics, Nasum, Pig Destroyer, Throatplunger and XXX Maniak... prepare to fucking die!!!

1.1 Mr. Fister
1.2 Lacey with a H for Whore
1.3 Clap
1.4 Tunafist Buttplug
1.5 Dick Beater Death Grip
1.6 Mike Fucks 300 LB Fat Chicks Sober
1.7 Dick in a Retards Mouth
1.8 Raped By a Crucifix
1.9 Anal Atrophy
1.10 Gutted Tortured Raped
1.11 Psycho Slut Fuck
1.12 Crack Whores Make Better Lovers
1.13 One Hen Ten Men
1.14 Bulgarian Dick Tease
1.15 Mechanically Seperated Abortion
1.16 Mega Tuff
1.17 Handful of Shit
1.18 Shredder
1.19 13 6 0 2 0
1.20 Fondled By a Jersey Cop
1.21 Brutal Puke
1.22 I Hate You Cause I Hate Myself
1.23 Diarrhea Daiquiri
1.24 Dirty 30
1.25 Assclown
1.26 Chewing Gum Pill Box
1.27 P.C.A.D.H.D
1.28 I'm Not Racist, I'm Politically Incorrect
1.29 Skindian
1.30 Short Shorts
1.31 Vaginoplasty
1.32 Sludge Butt Prostidude
1.33 Ragtime
1.34 Pussy Rot
1.35 Shut Up
1.36 Ol' Huk-A-Buck
1.37 I Cum Shit
1.38 Blame It on the Fuck Face
1.39 You Just Died

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