Fuckemos: Can Kill You

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Fuckemos

Artist: Fuckemos
Title: Can Kill You
Product Type: VINYL LP

Originally released in 1994 on Frank Kozik's Man's Ruin record label, FUCKEMOS' Can Kill You takes you on a trip to the birthplace of psychedelic punk, Austin, Texas. Now available for the first time on vinyl, FUCKEMOS' debut is a class of the genre, a wacked-out mix of crunchy riffs, undeniable pop hooks, and a whole mess of BUTTHOLE SURFERS-inspired madness. It's a stroke of unparalleled unoriginality. And to make the intoxicating concoction even more potent, singer Russell Porter's vocal tracks were pitch-shifted so that they sound like a 45 being played at 33. The result: an absurd yet appealing take on doom metal created before the genre even existed. Combine these 13 tracks with brand-new original cover art from longtime outsider Austin artist Don Rock (who illustrated for the BUTTHOLE SURFERS) and space-age silver vinyl and you've got a must-have for fans of Texas-style psych punk.

1.1 The Screams of Wild Women
1.2 Do Ya Wanna Dance?
1.3 I Can't Spell Joseppi
1.4 Punk 2 Fuck
1.5 Work
1.6 Gay Sailors
1.7 Berlin '45
1.8 Your Lies
1.9 Fuckemos
1.10 Putrid Human Waste
1.11 Pedophile
1.12 Opus Russ
1.13 Fuckemos Play at Parties

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