Fulgeance & DJ Scientist

Fulgeance & DJ Scientist: Soviet Tape Vol. 1

$13.11 $15.99

Artist: Fulgeance & DJ Scientist
Title: Soviet Tape Vol. 1
Product Type: VINYL LP

The Soviet Tape is a new collaboration between Fulgeance & DJ Scientist. Their debut single 'Moscow Nightlife' is the perfect introduction to their sound: heavy instrumental hip hop culled exclusively from Scientist's un-rivaled collection of vintage Soviet-era records. Scientist, one of Germany's most prolific record collectors (check out his incredible 'Soviet Grooves' mix for Solid Steel) dug out a slew of samples from his archives, enlisting Fulgeance (MPC virtuoso and one half of Souleance) who transformed the source material into a truly unique and original album.

1.1 The Soviet Tape (Intro) / Soviet tape (Intro)
1.2 Moscow Nightlife / Night Moscow
1.3 You Know / You Know ...
1.4 Liberation March (Skit) / March Liberation (Skit)
1.5 Vendetta / Vendetta
1.6 Imperialist Monsters / imperialist Monsters
1.7 Tbilisi Sunset (Skit) / Sunset in Tbilisi (Skit)
1.8 All Equal / all equal
2.1 From Lithuania With Love / from Lithuania with Love
2.2 The Spy / Spy
2.3 Moldavian Fall (Skit) / Case of Moldova (Skit)
2.4 Glorious Times / Glorious Times
2.5 Youth Brigade / Youth Brigade
2.6 Lost In Tyumen / Lost in Tyumen
2.7 Birds In Love (Skit) / Bird Love (Skit)
2.8 Katerina / Katherine
2.9 Outro

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