Fuoco Fatuo

Fuoco Fatuo: Obsidian Katabasis

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Fuoco Fatuo

Title: Obsidian Katabasis
Label: Profound Lore
Product Type: VINYL LP

With their latest opus Obsidian Katabasis, Italian doom metal cult Fuoco Fatuo have implemented their most towering, suffocating, darkest and most abstract work yet.Following up their massive 2017 release Backwater, which saw the band morph into a more monstrous entity by heightening their doom metal paradigm into more funeral-like realms where their sound became more amalgamous with the likes of such luminaries as Disembowelment, Tyranny, and Esoteric, Obsidian Katabasis sees the band venture even further into the otherworldly obscure undiscovered dimension. Elements of a dreadful nature which find cohesion for a rich and thick sound manifest into a visionary descent though multi-layered guitars, skullcrushing low-tuned chords and sepulchral tremolos filtered through analog sounds for wider landscapes marred with obsessive drumming and infernal growls.

1.1 Obsidian Bulwark (Creation of the Absurd)
1.2 I
1.3 Thresholds of Nonexistence Through Eerie Aeon
1.4 II
1.5 Psychoactive Katabasis
1.6 III

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