Furiku: Like a Freak

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Artist: Furiku

Artist: Furiku
Title: Like a Freak

Some of our favorite headlines: 'South London's Furiku are the bstrd lovechild of Roxy Music, vintage Stones & early Depeche- electropop disco punkfunk for overgrown teenagers who really oughta know better...' '... The new New Order...' From recent interview: 'Aruan + Dom & Mick - the latter duo formerly of 90s twisted disco kittens Sugarpussy - with influences ranging from Japan to Bladerunner to Prince with a heavy dose of Tokyo Pop Art kitsch for good measure. 'Individually? - Aruan: Vocals, words, eyebrows and an eye for the details - Dom: Photos, funk, the joy of pop and devilish programming - Mick: Experience, insanity, video, the entire picture and double-hand claps, always 'Finish the sentence: A good night out starts with... Bowie, S'Express, Sheila E, vodka, multiple T-shirt changes and an air conditioned taxi. 'It ends with... All back to Aruan's, more vodka, Japan, Kate Bush, Numan. Easy. 'Do you have any musical hates? In with love, out with hate. None we'd care to expend breath on, darling. 'What's one of the most outrageous things you've ever done? Covering my face in whipped cream on stage at Duckie? Nah, that's the norm. We're good boys we are. Really. 'What's been your greatest online discovery? Myspace, Furiku.com naturally, dear old Facebook and ThePandorian.com is ace, too. 'What comes first for you - sex or love? But is Gaydar asking Furiku out on a date? We're all happily married men thank you! Seriously? Love always, actually and ever. In all it's incarnations. 'So, what's next for Furiku? Our spanking new single 'Leitmotif' (included on 'Like A Freak'). It's our 'Don't Go'. Perhaps. We'll send you a copy, naturally. 'What else would you like to say? We've been expecting you?' Search 'furiku' at iTunes for more tracks, including our remix of 'Interrupted' by our brilliant Berlin pals The Snoopy Lads. See also: FURIKU.com. And our myspace page to say hello: myspace.com/FURIKUmusic FURIKU like U. x.

1.1 Go! Go!
1.2 Spring Is Coming
1.3 Tokyo Hotel
1.4 Leitmotif
1.5 Jamadelic
1.6 Knights of the Opium Moon (Feat. Mick Karn)
1.7 Skin
1.8 The Constant
1.9 The Ballad of Duke and Mary
1.10 Come Closer
1.11 W. Me
1.12 Freaks
1.13 Jamadelic (Holiday Mix)

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