Furious Trauma

Furious Trauma: Decade At War

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Artist: Furious Trauma

Artist: Furious Trauma
Title: Decade At War

FURIOUS TRAUMA from Denmark are back to thrash - faster, heavier, louder than ever before! "Decade At War" offers uncompromising, pumping, pure, thrashing tracks with songs honoring fallen Danish soldiers as well as songs that deal with a decade at war and touch topics like religious fanaticism and heavy metal. World-renowned producer Tue Madsen (Sick Of It All, Meshuggah, The Haunted, Behemoth etc.) took care of the album's mixing and mastering, and made sure that the album hits hard!

1.1 Prelude to War
1.2 Decade at War
1.3 Heroes to Hail
1.4 Plague of the New World
1.5 Ultimate Divine
1.6 Hooligan
1.7 Comin' Home
1.8 Damage Done
1.9 The Cartoon
1.10 Lex Talionis
1.11 War of the Gods
1.12 We Are Furious
1.13 We Salute You
1.14 Born of the Flag
1.15 Chaos Within

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