Future Ruin

Future Ruin: Brick By Brick

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Future Ruin

Title: Brick By Brick
Label: CD Baby

'Brick By Brick' is a crowning achievment in a long music career. A long road filled with trials and tribulations, lies and betrayal, love and hate. Even after we break down the walls brick by brick, we need to continue down that road... brick by brick. '...if you are a fan, you won't be disapointed, and if you have never heard anything from Future Ruin, you will become a Ruin-ite after the first play.' -Diesel (Lima Entertainer October 30, 2010: Future Ruin begins setting up the stage for their chance to win the Lima Battle of the Bands event at the Ohio Theatre. Anticipation and excitement is in the air. The crowd is screaming before the band even plays a note. "Future Ruin was the last band to play Saturday night, and they almost seemed as though they where the headlining act." -KevUn (Lima Entertainer) There were 18 of the finest bands in the area, but Future Ruin claimed victory that night. "In my mind, there was no question who was the winner after their set." This was only one show of many where Future Ruin wowed an audience. They have shared stages with bands such as Tantric, Evans Blue, Egypt Central, Taproot, and Pop Evil, just to name a few. Every time they finish a set, they leave the crowd in a wild frenzy. (Warning: Future Ruin is not responsible for any injuries.) "While Tantric put on a great show, Future Ruin was the best band of the night." -Devin Shobe (Lima Entertainer) Future Ruin's music can be described as Hard Rock/Metal with a mainstream appeal, comparable to bands like Breaking Benjamin, Metallica, and Five Finger Death Punch. Some drunk dude once said 'They're bastard child of Joan Jett and Scully from Godsmack.' Lead vocalist Jason Gilbert fronts the band with his extreme vocals and high energy. Cory May is their own guitar virtuoso; his lead guitar style has been compared to greats like Randy Rhodes, Eddy Van Halen, and Kirk Hammet, all while retaining it's own flavor. Add their newest addition, Austin Fassett, shredding on rhythm guitar, combined with Nathan Hinkle pounding out technical rhythms, and Roger Matlock's rock-solid bass lines, and you have a band that will make you crank it till your ears bleed then say, 'sir may I have another!'

1.1 All Eyes on Me
1.2 Break Down the Walls
1.3 Hooked on You
1.4 More of You
1.5 You'll Never Know
1.6 One Man Freak Show
1.7 Lie to Me
1.8 This Is Not You
1.9 Hot Head
1.10 Helm of Awakening

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