G.E. Patterson: The Old Time Way

G.E. Patterson: The Old Time Way
Artist: G.E. Patterson
Title: The Old Time Way

2016 two CD + DVD release. Powerhouse preacher, dynamic leader, Grammy and Stellar Award nominee, and founder of Podium Records and Bountiful Blessings Magazine, Bishop G.E. Patterson was a trailblazer for the Gospel and a mighty force to be reckoned with. Now for the first time, his Grammy nominated, best-selling Bishop G.E. Patterson & Congregation Singing The Old Time Way, Vol. 1, originally released on Podium Records, is available as a three disc set featuring a live DVD recording.

1.1 Intro
1.2 The Old Time Way
1.3 Old Ship of Zion
1.4 Going Back to Jesus
1.5 He Never Has Left Me Alone
1.6 No Never Alone
1.7 I'm Going to Live So God Can Use Me
1.8 Jesus I'll Never Forget What You Done for Me
1.9 Sweet Jesus, He's the Lily of the Valley
1.10 I'm Leaving All to Follow Jesus
1.11 I Want to Be Like Jesus
1.12 I'll Take Jesus for Mine
1.13 Glory, Glory Hallelujah
1.14 Wonderful Hallelujah
1.15 Praise the Lord Forever and Forever
1.16 Isn't He Wonderful
1.17 To Me, It's Wonderful
1.18 Jesus Is Mine, Mine, Mine
1.19 Just Another Day
1.20 Shall Never Let Go His Hand
1.21 What More Can He Do
1.22 Thank the Lord for Jesus
1.23 I Got Just What I Wanted from the Lord
1.24 When the Fire Fell
2.1 When I Think of the Goodness of Jesus
2.2 When I See the Blood
2.3 I Know It Was the Blood
2.4 The Blood Prevails
2.5 I Know His Blood Has Made Me Whole
2.6 I Know the Bible Is Right
2.7 Jesus Is on the Mainline
2.8 Saints Don't Stop Praying, for the Lord Is Nigh
2.9 Thou Carest Lord
2.10 There Is Therefore Now No Condemnation
2.11 Tell It Over Again, It's Never Been Told
2.12 Count Up All the Cost
2.13 Jesus Paid It All
2.14 You Brought Me Lord
2.15 How Much I Owe
2.16 My Heart Is Fixed, My Mind Made Up
2.17 Do Lord Remember Me
2.18 Oh My Record Will Be There
2.19 We'll Understand and Say Well Done
2.20 What Do You Want the Lord to Say
2.21 When I Get Inside the Gate
3.1 Full Length DVD

G.E. Patterson: The Old Time Way

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