Gg Allin: E.M.F.

G.G. Allin: E.M.F.
Title: E.M.F.
Label: CD Baby

What more can I say. OK, GG wrote and recorded this classic album that began the scene known as Scumrock after his inevitable divorce and break up of his band The Jabbers. Feelings displayed on this album are anger, lust, betrayal; well just listen to it and experience it yourself! Retreating to the woods of Vermont and recurring daily intoxication, GG recorded the album we now simply call EMF. If you need me to tell you what EMF means you probably should pick another CD!

1.1 Hard Candy Cock
1.2 Out for Blood
1.3 I Don't Give a Shit
1.4 Drink Fight ; Fuck
1.5 Convulsions
1.6 I Wanna Fuck Your Brains Out
1.7 I'm Gonna Rape You
1.8 Teacher's Pet
1.9 Fuckin' the Dog
1.10 Cock on the Loose
1.11 Clit Licker
1.12 God of Fire in Hell
1.13 Blow Jobs
1.14 Live at A7 Club in NYC

Gg Allin: E.M.F.

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