G. Rossini

G. Rossini: Thieving Magpie

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Product Type: CD
Artist: G. Rossini

Title: Thieving Magpie
Label: Chandos

1.1 Overture: Maestoso Marziale
1.2 Allegro
1.3 Act I (Scene 1): 'What a Day of Celebration'
1.4 Get Moving - Do Something
1.5 I Can See My Beloved Giannetto
1.6 Oh, My Heart Is Full of Joy!
1.7 Spring Is Returning
1.8 Dearest Ninetta, Today's a Special Day!
1.9 Penknives and Needles, Leather Patches
1.10 I Thought So, It's Old Isacco
1.11 What's That Shouting?
1.12 Darling! Darling, Let Me Embrace You
1.13 Yes, Even in the Battle
1.14 Goodbye for Now, My Darling
1.15 Yesterday, Just As the Sun Was Setting
1.16 I Can Be Strong No Longer
1.17 Oh, Daughter, Let Me Embrace You
1.18 Good Morning, My Pretty Lady
1.19 This Is Most Urgent
1.20 Thank Heavens!
1.21 We're Alone Here
1.22 Such Madness and Confusion
1.23 Scene 2: 'Penknives and Needles, Leather Patches'
1.24 This Morning in the House of Fabrizio Vingradito
1.25 Did Somebody Want Me?
1.26 Grief and Calamity Tumble Around Me
1.27 Someone Is Coming
1.28 Take This Girl Away and Throw Her Into Prison!
2.1 Act II (Scene 1): 'She's Shut Up in That Dark and Dismal Dungeon'
2.2 Maybe One Day You'll Forgive Me
2.3 You'd Better Go, and Quickly
2.4 You're So Lovely, Your Eyes Are Sparkling
2.5 When You Hear the Sentence
2.6 MR Mayor, Mr Mayor - What Are You Up To?
2.7 Just Think That Tomorrow, Even Today
2.8 No, No, I Beg You to Take It
2.9 Lest My Darling Should Forget Me
2.10 By Unanimous Verdict - We Find Her Guilty
2.11 The Wheels of Justice Will Crush the Guilty
2.12 Most Unhappy of Women, Your Fate Is in the Balance
2.13 God Protect Her!
2.14 But, Your Honours, You're Mistaken
2.15 Release Her!
2.16 A Chasm of Sorrow Is Yawning Before Me
2.17 If I Cried, I Would Weep Forever
2.18 Scene 2: 'What a Dump of a Village!'
2.19 Bitter Torment Burns Within You
2.20 God in Heaven, Oh, God of Justice
2.21 Giorgio! Giorgio! Ah, We're So Happy!
2.22 Oh, God Preserve Us
2.23 We Can See Her, She Is Coming!
2.24 Though I Hear Your Cries of Gladness
2.25 Now That the Storm Is Over

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