Gabor Csupo's Fieldtrip

Gabor Csupo's Fieldtrip: Ghosts of Cairo

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Title: Ghosts of Cairo
Label: CD Baby

Gabor Csupo was born in Budapest, Hungary, He studied Art and Music, and Animation. He moved to the US in 1979. He started out as an animator for Hanna Barbera, then in 1980 he started his own Klasky Csupo animation studio with partner Arlene Klasky. Their creations included starting up the Simpsons and producing the first 65 episodes. Other successful creations and shows included: 'The Rugrats', 'The Wild Thornberrys', 'Rocket Power' 'As Told by Ginger' 'Ahhh, Real Monsters' 'All Growned Up' Gabor won 5 Emmy Awards, 4 Cable ace awards and numerous other awards for his shows and creations. After producing 4 successful Animated Features for Paramount Pictures ( The Rugrats Movie, Rugrats in Paris, The Wild Thornberrys Movie, and Rugrats Go Wild), Gabor started to direct Live Action movies. The first movie was the successful 'Bridge to Terabithia' then the 'Secret of Moonacre' under his own Grand Allure Entertainment company. In 1990 Gabor started up the electronic record label 'Tone Casualties' mainly signing and releasing experimental electronic art music. Artists on the label included: Paul Schutze, Holger Czukai, Mark Mothersbough, Peter Hammill, Roger Eno, Kismet, cEvin Key (of Skynny Puppy), Anima Sound System, Kiril, Controlled Bleeding, Laurent Brondel, Dr. Walker, Banabila, etc... plus several of his own Accidental Orchestra and solo electronica releases, under FieldTrip. In 2002 Gabor sold the Tone Casualties label to Cleopatra Records, and since he is releasing his recordings on his own. You can visit his websites:, and

1.1 Hologramaphone
1.2 Flourish
1.3 Drift Away
1.4 Darkell
1.5 Bellamento
1.6 Forest Monster
1.7 Ambel
1.8 Hormone Flower
1.9 Ghosts of Cairo
1.10 Sinister Jungle
1.11 Swamp Sonata
1.12 Tribal Sun

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