Gabriel Garzon Montano

Gabriel Garzon Montano: Bishoune Alma Del Huila

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Artist: Gabriel Garzon Montano
Title: Bishoune Alma Del Huila
Product Type: VINYL LP

Introducing singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and native New Yorker Gabriel Garzón-Montano. Born to a Colombian father and a French mother, Gabriel spent his early years mastering the violin, guitar, and drums, before turning to the piano and bass guitar to better complete his compositions. By the time he graduated from SUNY Purchase's Music Conservatory, the foundations for his debut EP, Bishouné: Alma del Huila, were already laid... Gabriel's compositions revel in such unabashed personhood. "Everything Is Everything" captures the carefree nature of young summers in stark contrast to the inevitable maturity and subservience to life's rat race in "Keep On Running".

1.1 6 8
1.2 Everything Is Everything
1.3 Naeja
1.4 Pour Maman
1.5 Keep On Running
1.6 Me Alone
1.7 6 8 (Baebro Remix) (Digital Bonus) (Producer: Baebro)
1.8 Keep On Running (Brendon Moeller Running Dub) (Digital Bonus) (Producer: Brendon Moeller)
1.9 Pour Maman (Archie Pelago Remix) (Digital Bonus) (Producer: Archie Pelago)
1.10 Naeja (Gut Nose Remix) (Digital Bonus) (Producer: Gut Nose)
1.11 Pour Maman (Patrick Russell Dub) (Digital Bonus) (Producer: Patrick Russell)
1.12 6 8 (Lord Raja Remix) (Digital Bonus) (Producer: Lord Raja)

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