Gadenstatter / Kovacic / Edwards

Gadenstatter / Kovacic / Edwards: Semantical Investigations

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Product Type: CD

Title: Semantical Investigations
Label: Kairos

Clemens Gadenstätter's album Semantical Investigations is a collection of works for smaller and larger ensembles, all linked through his view on what composing means: "I believe that the fundamental core of my composing is defined by the view that listening is not only a biological and physiological fact, but also mainly something we learn" (Gadenstätter). He puts familiar sounds into new contexts, and questions our aural experiences. While this may not be an album for the light-hearted, it is a rewarding intellectual journey towards a new way of experiencing music. Clemens Gadenstätter, born in 1966, studied composition in Vienna and then Stuttgart under Helmut Lachenmann. He teaches at the University of Music Graz as a professor of Analysis, Music Theory, and Composition.

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