Gaetano Letizia

Gaetano Letizia: All My Brothers

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Gaetano Letizia

Title: All My Brothers
Label: CD Baby

Gaetano Letizia - Jazz Fusion Guitarist/Composer Biography Thirty-five year guitar veteran, Gaetano Letizia, resides in Ohio and performs internationally. He studied guitar with George Benson, Pat Martino, Joe Pass and many others. His six jazz fusion guitar albums have earned multiple accolades from Downbeat, Guitar Player Magazine and many other guitar journals. Gaetano started in the blues, idolizing B.B King and moved onto Hendrix, Clapton and eventually Pat Martino and George Benson who he has spent time with studying and raising himself to the highest levels. His music has been described as a 'hot, hearty style of powerful playing'. This is not smooth jazz, yet it is not obnoxious typewriter fusion playing. Soulful feel and grooves that take you someplace exotic - that's what the artist strives for. He tells stories with every composition. Gaetano is a Triggs Guitar artist and demonstrator at the national guitar shows in New York & Los Angeles.

1.1 All My Brothers
1.2 Hearts Unbroken
1.3 Life of the Soul
1.4 Infinite Love
1.5 The Man of Fire
1.6 Our Bond
1.7 Wipe Away the Tears
1.8 Make Me One with Everything

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