Gail Williams

Gail Williams: Horn Music

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Gail Williams

Title: Horn Music
Label: CD Baby

The Horn Muse CD has four new commissioned works that Gail Williams has recorded with her colleagues. Dana Wilson, Douglas Hill and Anthony Plog have added these compositions into the world of horn music for many people to listen, perform and share with their friends and colleagues.

1.1 Shallow Streams, Deep Rivers: I. Freely, Dramatically!
1.2 Shallow Streams, Deep Rivers: II. with Great Warmth and Intimacy
1.3 Shallow Streams, Deep Rivers: III. Slowly, Dramatically; with Energy
1.4 A Set of Songs and Dances: 1. Introit-Intrada
1.5 A Set of Songs and Dances: 2. Quadrille with Bebop
1.6 A Set of Songs and Dances: 3. Ballad
1.7 A Set of Songs and Dances: 4. Whimsical Waltz
1.8 A Set of Songs and Dances: 5. Romp with Rumba
1.9 Musings: 1. Calliope-Muse of Eloquence and Epic Poetry
1.10 Musings: 2. Polyhymnia-Muse of Sacred Song
1.11 Musings: 3. Thalia-Muse of Sacred Song
1.12 Musings: 4. Melpomene-Muse of Tragedy
1.13 Musings: 5. Euterpe-Muse of Lyric Poetry
1.14 Musings: 6. Erato-Muse of Erotic Love
1.15 Musings: 7. Clio-Muse of History
1.16 Musings: 8. Urania-Muse of Astronomy
1.17 Musings: 9. Terpsichore-Muse of Whirling Dance
1.18 Horn Quartet No. 1: I. Lento, Allegro Moderato
1.19 Horn Quartet No. 1: II. Allegro Molto
1.20 Horn Quartet No. 1: III. Slowly and with Freedom
1.21 Horn Quartet No. 1: IV. Allegro Vivo

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