Galt Macdermot: There Shines on Us

Galt Macdermot: There Shines on Us
Title: There Shines on Us
Label: CD Baby

Galt MacDermot is best known for the music he wrote for HAIR, and his Tony Award-winning score for Two Gentlemen of Verona. MacDermot's work spans the gamut of performing arts; musicals, ballet scores, film scores, chamber music, the Anglican Liturgy, poetry, drama accompaniments, and band repertory. He draws inspiration from a wealth of musical styles, crossing the boundaries of jazz, folk, gospel, reggae, and classical. MacDermot formed the New Pulse Jazz Band in 1979, which features his original music. Accompanying him are six dynamic musicians: Bernard Purdie (drums), Wilbur Bascomb (Fender bass), John Frosk (trumpet), Allen Won (soprano sax), Patience Higgins (sax) and Vince MacDermot (trombone). The New Pulse Jazz Band combines the lyricism of the best musical theater with the rhythms of classic jazz and soul to create a uniquely captivating sound. There Shines On Us is an album of funk vocals recorded in the early 1970's featuring Melba Moore, Nell Carter, Andre DeShields, Carl Hall and Norman Matlock. Background vocals by Cissy Houston, Maretha Stewart and Hilda Harris. These songs by Norman Matlock are about the black man's experience in this country.

1.1 There Shines on Us
1.2 My Darling My Own
1.3 I've Seen People Like Them Before
1.4 Ah! New York
1.5 Drink at the Well
1.6 Time and the Wind
1.7 My Wandering Ones
1.8 Don't Worry About the Irish
1.9 I'm Gonna Level with You
1.10 Is It Paranoia If It's True?
1.11 Ashamed
1.12 Send Me You
1.13 My Thoughts Are Scattered
1.14 When I Was a Child
1.15 Quittin' Time
1.16 I Wanted to Dine
1.17 Ah, It's Love

Galt Macdermot: There Shines on Us

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