Galus: Songs from the Capricorn Room

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Galus

Title: Songs from the Capricorn Room
Label: CD Baby

Irish singer Frankie Hannigan moved from Dublin to London to play the London acoustic folk scene, and it was here that he met Scottish guitarist Gavin Baird. The two began writing together, fusing traditional acoustic melodies with the rock sounds they had listened to growing up. In 2004-2005 the band\'s first album \'Songs from the Capricorn Room\' was released, and the band started to generate radio play and press attention.

1.1 Please Her
1.2 Butterfly
1.3 Anyway
1.4 Please Yourself
1.5 Short and Sweet
1.6 Where Will the Feeling End
1.7 All I Want
1.8 Inside
1.9 Something for You
1.10 Let It Die
1.11 Miracle
1.12 Home

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