Garage a Trois

Garage a Trois: Action-Refraction

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Artist: Garage a Trois

Artist: Garage a Trois
Title: Action-Refraction

A force greater than the sum of it's colossal parts, Garage a Trois features Seattle-based saxophonics master Skerik, Brooklyn-based sound-sculptor / keyman Marco Benevento, punk rock vibraphone hero Mike Dillon and New Orleans funky drummer / beat master Stanton Moore. ALWAYS BE HAPPY, BUT STAY EVIL is their latest release.

1.1 Omar
1.2 Resentment Incubator
1.3 Earl Harvin
1.4 Shooting Breaks
1.5 Kansas (Interlude)
1.6 Swellage
1.7 The Drum Department
1.8 Thumb
1.9 Baby Mama Drama
1.10 Chimp ; Flower
1.11 Dark Bogul (Interlude)
1.12 Assault on Precinct 13

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