Garganta: Souped Up

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Garganta

Title: Souped Up
Label: CD Baby

Souped Up and ready to prove it. Classic punk rock sensibilities, noise pop and general frustration, these are the ingredients. But there's so much more. The voice of Mellissa Cross- at times the lost little girl,an innocent trapped in a cold world and at other times the fire spitting vamp ready to drag you into her world of exotica. Backed by twisted angular guitars and a swirling bass and drum combo skirting the edges of progressive pop. But just when you think you've got them figured out they change gear and head off into uncharted territory. Sometimes garagey rock sometimes goth like rock, they cover a wide slice of the musical map. Yeah, they have the usual influences: The Pixies, Latino pop, Led Zeppelin and the funky sounds of the seventies. So what sets them apart? A style that is not afraid to grow and be different while retaining it's roots. From the childlike innocence of the reverb drenched My Complaint to the ferocious aggression of Sugar, the haunting tale of Flowers 4U to the sexy purr of Dragonfly. 13 songs to rock your world, 13 tales of intoxicating mayhem. Garganta started when Gardo and Steve met with the idea to start a band that was fresh and unbound by the stylistic restraints of the local music scene. They started writing music together and soon realized there was something missing. Not much later they met up with Mellissa Cross and found her lyrical and melodic talents were just what their music needed. After building a small but impressive body of work they started playing live. There was still one ingredient that needed to be found. They found that missing ingredient when they auditioned drummer Terry Wade. Now the band was complete and they collectively drew on their combined experience in previous bands to produce a diverse and original approach to music. Bands they've been compared to by others: Nomeansno, Portishead, No Doubt, The Chubbies, Missing Persons, The Gits, Strange Boutique, Tool, Lush, Eve's Plum, X and 45 Grave - now that's diverse!

1.1 I Can't Go on
1.2 My Complaint
1.3 Flowers 4U
1.4 1:40
1.5 Dragonfly
1.6 Wicca Frog
1.7 Sugar
1.8 The Need
1.9 JR
1.10 Liquid Mood
1.11 Skippy
1.12 Twist Dead
1.13 Social Suicde

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