Garland Buckeye

Garland Buckeye: Never Your Fable Caster

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Artist: Garland Buckeye

Artist: Garland Buckeye
Title: Never Your Fable Caster

Never Your Fable Caster was recorded, mixed and mastered by Lyndon Jones in Lexington, KY and released on Jones's 26 Media on 11/24/1998. Many talented musicians contributed to the project initially begun by Adam Trumbo and Shawn Pantaliono. The band's first formal line-up was solidified after the sessions as Urban Shocker (Geoffrey Trumbo) and Brad Gordon joined the band. The rest, as they say, is history.

1.1 Divine Intervention
1.2 Chorus of Boos
1.3 Rose-Colored Coffee
1.4 If Then
1.5 Arsonists in Firetraps
1.6 Grass Is Always Greener
1.7 Part of the Team
1.8 Menders Are Tired
1.9 Bowling Over Another One
1.10 Bend the Track
1.11 Miners Are Happy
1.12 Dedicated Hoof Beaters
1.13 Ex's ; Owns
1.14 Landscape Exchange
1.15 Lower the Landing
1.16 The Rush of Stealing An Atlas
1.17 Celtic Magician
1.18 Auntie's a Scrubber
1.19 Magazine Vineyard Industry
1.20 Chamber Dancing
1.21 Lime Fizzle
1.22 Tuba Drunk
1.23 Come on Along
1.24 Anchor Today

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