Garlo: Vent de Guitares

Garlo: Vent de Guitares
Title: Vent de Guitares
Artist: Garlo
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 3473351031950
Genre: Rock

54 guitars placed on the summit of the highest sand dune in Europe. The magical song of hundreds of strings vibrating only under the wind's touch, immense sound bands crossed by harmonic waves, and by eddys of frequencies... This is Vent de Guitares, a geo-acoustic creation, a work of land art where the ephemeral act and the climatic uncertainty generate a timeless music. 'The Geo acoustic creation by Garlo, this French/Canadian composer.' GB - The Wire 'A unique experiment' F Liberation 'This music touches the essential part of man...'F Guitar Planet 'Poetry' F Guitars & Synths 2007 Movie Fissures / Ecoute le temps include Vent de Guitares parts. Director Alanté Kavaité speaking of the music :'I Had the chance to discover the music from a French artist, Garlo. The abstract music is beyond description. These vibrations have nearly physical effects.' San Francisco MUSEUM OF MODERN ART 9/2003 Vent de Guitares was included in the 33RPM manifestation. 10 hours of French contemporary music. Excellent ! Reviewer: jl Absolutely beautiful record. If you're a fan of elemental shifting droneworks like Folke Rabe's 'Was??' or Alan Lamb's field recordings of abandoned electrical wires, you need to own this.

1.1 Vent de Guitares No. 1
1.2 Vent de Guitares No. 2
1.3 Vent de Guitares No. 3
1.4 Vent de Guitares No. 4
1.5 Vent de Guitares No. 5
1.6 Vent de Guitares No. 6
1.7 Vent de Guitares No. 7
1.8 Danse Avec Le Vent

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Garlo: Vent de Guitares


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