Garry Gust M-Combo

Garry Gust M-Combo: Jazz Variations of Chopin

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Title: Jazz Variations of Chopin
Label: CD Baby

Light Jazz interpretations of Chopin's music.

1.1 Moonlight Gravity (Nocturne in Eb Major - Op.9, No2)
1.2 Night Lights of Paris (Nocturne- Op37, No1)
1.3 I Really Need to Know (Valse Op.64, No2)
1.4 Melancholy (Prelude in Em - Op28, No4)
1.5 Room for Optimism (Etude- Op25No9)
1.6 My Land (Polonaise-Chopin Op26, No1)
1.7 Owl Prowl (Nocturne in FM- Op55 No1)
1.8 Elusive Melody (Mazurka in Am - Op67, No4)
1.9 Revolution in the Air (Etude in CM- Op10, No12)
1.10 Tango Waltz (Polonaise in Ab, Op53)

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