Gary Parker

Gary Parker: Unpolished

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Artist: Gary Parker

Artist: Gary Parker
Title: Unpolished

This album is a Jazz-funk compilation representing a sub-genre of jazz music characterized by a strong back beat (groove), electrified sounds, and often, the presence of strong Bass guitar. This was inspired by The integration of Funk, Soul, and R&B music from some instrumental artists such as Jaco Pastorius, Victor Wooten, Spyro Gyra, Acoustic Alchemy, Jimi Hendrix, and the like. Notably Jazz-funk is less vocal, more arranged and features more improv than Soul-Jazz, and retains a strong feel of groove and R&B versus some of the Jazz-fusion production. However, track number 7 features an arrangement of fusion jazz featuring the Bass. This has been a long time coming and only the beginning of a more organized solo endeavor by Gary Parker. His influences blend a tasteful mix of Jazz, Funk, Heavy Metal, roots soul music, latin, and pop. Gary Parker has been playing bass guitar for about 22 years. 'I started on guitar and couldn't keep up, so my buddies handed me a bass. I was outraged and decided that I was not going to play root notes for the rest of my life, so I buckled down and focused on some of the great players Like Jaco, Victor, Steve Baily, Billy Sheehan Flea, etc..'

1.1 Five Four
1.2 Polka-Dot Pajamas
1.3 Saturday Morning Funk
1.4 Coffee Time
1.5 Beautiful River
1.6 Friday Afternoon
1.7 It's Raining Cats and Dogs
1.8 Falls of Tillotson
1.9 Question
1.10 Moonlight
1.11 Sweet Mary
1.12 Mountain (Acoustic)

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