Gaslight Radio

Gaslight Radio: Z-Nation

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Gaslight Radio

Artist: Gaslight Radio
Title: Z-Nation

Gaslight Radio release Z-Nation their seventh release and the long awaited follow up album to their debut LP Hitch on the Leaves. Z-Nation is a big raw complex album with all the beauty and warmth of previous releases and a vitality that jumps.

1.1 Here Comes Easy
1.2 The Telescope Breakdown 1988
1.3 Don't Think Loudly / Goodtime No. 9
1.4 Z-Nation
1.5 Take Another Look
1.6 The Cosmic Gun
1.7 Dumbnouns for Suntowns
1.8 Sista Anne and Her Crew (Lost Version)
1.9 Apartment Shock
1.10 Dead Graffiti
1.11 I Miss Christmas
1.12 Tina from Robina
1.13 Untitled

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