Gauntlet: Live at Brutal Metal Fest

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Artist: Gauntlet

Artist: Gauntlet
Title: Live at Brutal Metal Fest

GAUNTLET is born in Madrid (Spain) in 1998, when Nacho Arriaga (d), Carlos Peña (b) and Antuán Manzano (g), join forces with Daniel Millán (g) and Jose Luis Viruete (v) to start a heavy metal project. Half a year later, Miguel Rocha enters the band replacing Manzano and GAUNTLET begins the recording of it's first demo CD "Gauntlet", released in 2000. At the end of this year, Viruete quits as well and with the helping throat of Nacho Ruiz, they release their second demo CD "Rising" in 2002. Later on, Ando Martínez replaces Nacho on drums and Sr. Lobo becomes the new singer. Few months later, this one and Carlos Peña leave the band, too. In October of 2003, Santi García joins GAUNTLET as the bass player, entering Ando's home studio to record the new songs for their first CD, that will see the light more than two years later... Fed up with auditions, in 2004 the band becomes a quartet for the first time with Miguel as frontman/guitar player, until they find José Moscatel at the end of this year, but he's fired not long after. In February of 2005, they get in touch with Ivo Galenov, a Bulgarian vocalist whose style is impressive. So, with this line-up, they self-release "Path Of Nails" in 2006. In the spring of '07, the band releases (by themselves, as well) the EP "The Comeback", recorded at Newlife Studios and featuring three brand new songs plus his first professional video clip directed by Kiko Meler. One year later, Ivo leaves GAUNTLET as well, due to personal circumstances. So, after a couple of months, the band decides the best option is not to keep on searching for anybody else and go ahead with this mark: Miguel Rocha (Vocals, guitar) Daniel Millán (Guitar, backing vocals) Santi García (Bass, backing vocals) Ando Martínez (Drums) With Miguel back on vocals, the new approach to the songs is more direct and raw, but that doesn't mean it's lacking in melody. So, being convinced of the new direction, they get down to work on "What Doesn't Kill Us..." which is recorded in the summer of 2008 and mixed in October by José Garrido and Daniel Melián at New Life Studios in Madrid, who decide to remix it later on, in order to obtain an even better quality of sound. So, at the end of November, the engineers get in touch with Mika Jussila in Finnvox (Finland), who personally masters the CD. "What Doesn't Kill Us..." is released at last in Spain under the license of Molusco Discos in January 2009 and Gor Discos takes care of the distribution. On the other hand, they have come to an agreement with Background Noise to promote the new stuff.

1.1 A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
1.2 Winners Race
1.3 The Hole
1.4 Seeds of Hate
1.5 Refuse/Resist

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