Gavin Castleton

Gavin Castleton: Fortnightshift

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Gavin Castleton

Artist: Gavin Castleton
Title: Fortnightshift

This CD is what happens when you put Gavin Castleton (keyboardist and vocalist for Gruvis Malt) in a dungeon with live drum n´ bass hip hop band One Drop from Orlando FL for two weeks with just rice and chicken and a midi controller. Described by fans as a ¨perfect synthesis of the Gruvis Malt and One Drop sounds,¨ this EP is currently the only recorded documentation of the magic they brought to the East Coast in 2005 while touring together.

1.1 Speedbumps
1.2 Punchdrunk Love
1.3 (U Put the V@;!%A Ub the) Pon Pon
1.4 Bad Rabbits
1.5 I Life

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