Gavin Castleton

Gavin Castleton: Won Over Frequency

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Artist: Gavin Castleton

Artist: Gavin Castleton
Title: Won Over Frequency

Banking on unpredictability has secured Castleton a fiercely loyal niche audience for his evolving brand of indie-prog-pop. 'The concept for this record is that there is no concept. My last five records were these weighty concept records, each with their vernacular and aesthetic, and my next record [a children's record called Travelight to be released at Christmas] is a concept record, so the most refreshing thing I can do right now is explore simplicity,' explains Castleton, who describes Won Over Frequency as an album borne of the Peter Gabriel/Paul Simon/Steely Dan era of songwriting. The album is also rife with collaboration, featuring the musicianship of Steve Choi (of RX Bandits), Matt Fazzi (of Taking Back Sunday and Happy Body Slow Brain), Lex Land, Keith Brush (of Blue Cranes), DiViNCi (Soliloquists of Sound), and more.

1.1 Are You Brave
1.2 Grandhands
1.3 The Crier
1.4 Why Is It So Hard?
1.5 The Song You Didn't Write
1.6 Racing Trains
1.7 Lenny
1.8 I Only Haunt
1.9 Killer's Blood
1.10 Scared Scared Scared
1.11 Murmur

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