Gaytheist: Let's Jam Again Soon

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Artist: Gaytheist

Artist: Gaytheist
Title: Let's Jam Again Soon
Product Type: VINYL LP

Let's Jam Again Soon, is the brand new full length album from Gaytheist, their 5th full length and the 4th overall release on Good to Die Records. The album is 14 tracks and 30 minutes of the pummeling yet melodic punk-metal you've come to expect from the Portland power trio with an additional edge this time around. Let's Jam Again Soon is Gaytheist at their most restless and angry, arguably their strongest effort to date. Look for them on tour throughout the US and Canada in 2017.

1.1 Three Words
1.2 Extravagant Lies
1.3 Let's Get Astrophysical
1.4 Avenged Seven-Minute Abs
1.5 Consumer
1.6 It's Just Everything
1.7 Scraps
1.8 Company Retreat!
1.9 On My Knees
1.10 We Are Posessesed
1.11 Choist
1.12 Words for Lyrics
1.13 Queen of England
1.14 They Ain't Coming Back

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