Gaza Strippers

Gaza Strippers: From The Desk Of Dr. Freepill...

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Gaza Strippers

Title: From The Desk Of Dr. Freepill...
Label: Improved Sequence
Product Type: VINYL LP

Originally released in 2002 on CD, this is the first time 'From The Desk Of Dr. Freepill...' is issued on vinyl and remastered by Mikey Young. Artwork by David Landis/Shake It Loose. Last album by this band fronted by Rick Sims, delivering tight rockin' numbers between the best 70s tradition and modern punk rock.

1.1 Almost Instant Karma
1.2 Sheer Heart Attack
1.3 Sugar Machine
1.4 Rodan
1.5 The Suicide Lovers
1.6 Electric Rider
1.7 Me 262
1.8 My Car Is
1.9 Swan
1.10 Yin and Yang the Flowerpot Man

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