Genetic Temper

Genetic Temper: Genetic Temper

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Genetic Temper

Title: Genetic Temper
Label: CD Baby

Genetic Temper is brothers Robert and Brian Koncyk. The two were fans of Heavy Metal/Hard Rock growing up in the 80's and played in several local bands throughout the years. The CD, Genetic Temper, is a work of the two showcasing their style influenced by the bands they grew up with but with their own touch. The music is Melodic Heavy Metal that covers a wide range of lyrical content. It has a metallic guitar sound with a beat that makes you want to move. This is not a put down to other styles of music but only a description for those wondering. The band is not Speed or Thrash but straight forward Heavy Metal/Hard Rock. The music has been described as similar to Judas Priest, HammerFall, early Ozzy, Iron Maiden and Ratt. If you like traditional Heavy Metal/Hard Rock bands you will love Genetic Temper!

1.1 We Are the People
1.2 Pedal to the Metal
1.3 Middle Class
1.4 Sweet Insanity
1.5 Work Work
1.6 Rip Roar
1.7 Promise to You
1.8 Rage on Command
1.9 Bring on the Sword
1.10 To Your Feet
1.11 Dragon Fire
1.12 Men of Honor
1.13 In Your Footsteps
1.14 That Girl
1.15 R N R
1.16 Emotional Wreck
1.17 Metal Children

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