Genevieve Gerard

Genevieve Gerard: Soaring to Success

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Product Type: CD

Title: Soaring to Success
Label: CD Baby

Listening to these affirmations in the fertile period right before you go to sleep will turn your rest time into an incubator of ideas and solutions that bring success into your life. As the gentle improvisational music merges with the words of the affirmations, allow yourself to visualize the fulfillment of the desires of your heart as you let your mind soar. Soar Easily into Your Fabulous Future! Abundance surrounds you and is ready to manifest in your life. Free yourself to envision your life beyond limitation and the affirmations will train the imaging faculty of your mind to create perfect pictures of the life you will create. Use Soaring to Success in conjunction with the Awaken to Success CD to deepen your subconscious response and accelerate your growth. Purchase the set to accelerate your growth and save 10%!!! Get Soaring to Success Now, You Deserve It !

1.1 How to Use Affirmations Effectively
1.2 Welcome to Soaring to Success
1.3 Life Is Good
1.4 What I Create Serves Me
1.5 Abundance Is Mine to Share
1.6 The River of Prosperity Flows
1.7 Great Good Is Coming to Me
1.8 I See a World Filled with Love
1.9 Free of Fear My Mind Creates
1.10 I Draw from Unlimited Source
1.11 The Sweetness of My Success
1.12 I Magnetically Draw to Myself
1.13 As I Receive So Shall I Give
1.14 As I Help Others I Help Myself
1.15 I Am Able to Enjoy Each Moment
1.16 Live Life More Abundantly
1.17 All That I Give Returns to Me
1.18 Unlimited Possibilty Helps Me Achieve
1.19 My Success Is Fulfillment of My Life
1.20 Joy ; Celebration Are Manifestations
1.21 Abundance Fills My Life
1.22 Prosperity Is Mine to Manifest
1.23 Abundance of Divine Surrounds Me
1.24 Soaring to Success Affirmation Music
1.25 Thank You and Blessing

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