Genre Peak

Genre Peak: Ends of the Earth

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Genre Peak

Title: Ends of the Earth
Label: CD Baby

Having written, recorded and performed with bands Casualty Park, Sandbox Trio, NUS and many other artists, producing several albums for record labels Sub Rosa, Cyberdelia-Records and Frank-Mark-Arts with tours of Europe, North America as well as commissioned scores for The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre,The Oxygen Cable Network and Iron Mountain Productions, Martin Birke, Daniel Panasenko and Stephen Sullivan now continue the avant electro-pop and improv trio Genre Peak. Using the Chapman Stick, guitar-synth and electronic percussion with found samples, Martin, Daniel and Stephen bring avant electro-pop / rock to a new level of originality and energy. Genre Peak weave intense electro-beats with found samples, intrinsic basslines,guitar-synth textures and distressed vocals. Making modern pop music dark, new, unpredictable and expansive.

1.1 Bring Me the World
1.2 Always Empty
1.3 Pleasure to Burn
1.4 Point of No Return
1.5 Ends of the Earth
1.6 Skin
1.7 Night Falls on Chance
1.8 Microsphere 13
1.9 Microsphere 3
1.10 Microsphere 8
1.11 Pleasure to Burn (Arp Mix)

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