Geodesium: Anasazi

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Geodesium

Title: Anasazi
Label: CD Baby

Released in December 1993, this album contains two half-hour impressionistic 'suites' of music with a Southwestern flavor. The 'Anasazi' suite prominently features sampled sounds of flutes, drums and voices in addition to the synthesizers. The 'Aztec' suite intermingles guitars and pan flutes with wind chimes, percussion, voices and harp. The music should appeal to those who enjoy 'world music' and even 'Native' music, in addition to the electronic-instrumental music and New Age devotee. This album has also been featured on the radio shows 'Musical Starstreams', 'Echoes', and on many public and college stations around the world. =================================================== REVIEWERS HAD THIS TO SAY: 'This is the fifth Geodesium album, however instead of being written with a 'deep space' feel, this was written to celebrate the vast and ancient quality that our own little world has to offer, whilst still connecting the ancient civilizations with the stars and their inhabitants. There is a strong ancient civilization feel to both the music, the song titles and the cover artwork. The CD is divided into 2 suites, the Anasazi and the Aztec. The writing is consistently very strong and fresh sounding. This is not just another space album. There is a sense of vision that I found quite compelling, making me want more. Overall an enjoyable and different synth album.' -- Jim Cornall, Sound Mind Magazine --------------------------------------- 'In the Anasazi and Aztec suites, Petersen grounds his space music in the canyons, streams, and the ever present play of the sun. The ancient cultures stand as legends here, not distinctly drawn, but their majesty enormously felt. The music draws you into sheer red canyon walls, the preciousness of water, the destiny of the stars, strong warriors, and towering temples echoing with gongs to engage you in the mysteries of the ancient ones.' -- Carol Wright, NAPRA Trade Journal --------------------------------------- 'Anasazi' opens with a short introduction that reaches out from deep inside the speakers and grabs hold of the listener, pulling him in tightly. Geodesium's fifth CD is the latest from planetarium synthesist Mark C. Petersen, and is comprised of two suites from planetarium shows about the lost Anasazi tribe and the ancient Aztec sky watchers. For these commissioned works, Petersen couldn't use his usual space sounds. Instead he had to create a new library of samples on flutes, drums, wind chimes and voices to evoke the mood of arid deserts and forgotten civilizations. These new sounds, in the context of Petersen's spacey compositional style, send out waves of serenity, making for a wondrous listening experience. But it's not just about atmosphere. Melodies as sweet as Mannheim Steamroller fill the air. 'Shadows On Sandstone', for instance, has a particularly pleasant harmonic structure. And the jazzy 'Sun Dogs' burst with effervescence. This CD represents a remarkable step forward in the creative growth of this space music auteur.' -- Dan Margules, L. A. Jazz Scene --------------------------------------- Mark Petersen has again created a musical masterpiece, full of great melodies, inventive arranging, and a real pleasure for the ears. Those familiar with Mark's earlier releases will find in Anasazi a new awareness, an expansion and culmination of earlier musical ideas. It's a compelling musical journey that I recommend to everyone.' -- Ben Kettlewell, i/e and DreamsWord ======================================================.

1.1 Call of the Canyon (:19)
1.2 Anasazi (6:12)
1.3 Wijiji (2:28)
1.4 Water Prayer (3:10)
1.5 Chetro Ketl (4:15)
1.6 Chaco Twilight (1:40)
1.7 Summer Solstice (2:26)
1.8 Shadows on Sandstone (3:50)
1.9 Sun Dogs (4:50)
1.10 Cycles of Night (4:55)
1.11 Tenochtitlan (2:27)
1.12 Tianquiztli (2:42)
1.13 Stars Over the Pyramid (3:20)
1.14 The Warrior Awaits (2:50)
1.15 Tezcatlipoca (3:30)
1.16 The Great Temple (3:45)
1.17 People of the Sun (4:30)

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