Geodesium: Stella Novus

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Geodesium

Title: Stella Novus
Label: CD Baby

If the Hubble Space Telescope could sing about the cosmic discoveries it has made, this tranquil and moving suite of space music would be it's symphony of space. Each piece takes the listener on a shining path through the cosmic web of existence, past newborn stars, starbirth nebulae, frozen clouds of light, and into the very heart of our galaxy. Let Geodesium Stella Novus transform your perceptions of the cosmos just as Hubble has extended our view across the vastness of space. There are nine gloriously spacey pieces, mixed as stand-alone features. The album also offers an incredible bonus track: seven of the featured tracks are mixed into a 30-minute-long concert. It's the soundtrack music from one of Loch Ness Productions' most popular planetarium shows, Hubble Vision, for you to enjoy without dialog or narration. It's a chance to hear how the compositions were designed to flow from one to another with interstitial music, providing context for how they all relate to each other. Bask in the music and immerse yourself in a special aural tour through the wonders of the universe - Geodesium Stella Novus.

1.1 Phases of Phaedra
1.2 Planetary Passages
1.3 Protostars
1.4 Deep Fields
1.5 Starbirth Reverie
1.6 Light Echoes
1.7 Carolyn's Galaxy
1.8 Cosmic Web
1.9 Stella Novus
1.10 Hubble Suite: Velvet Darkness of Night/Servicing Mission/Transit/Planet

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