Geoffrey the Giant

Geoffrey the Giant: Faith in the Unknown

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Artist: Geoffrey the Giant
Title: Faith in the Unknown

Geoffrey "The Giant" Stone is a singer/songwriter/pianist from Ottawa, Ontario. The music of Geoffrey the Giant is piano-based alternative pop-rock with various stylistic influences -while growing up in Belleville, Ontario, he listened to bands like Queen, The Who, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Oasis, Barenaked Ladies and Ben Folds Five. His recordings range in style, but the overall aesthetic is alternative rock, heavily glazed with rich vocal harmonies. The rock tunes drive with the power of a giant's angry stomp, and the ballads tear at the listener's heart-strings. Geoffrey gives much of the credit for his sound to his longtime producer Jef Vandertogt, who has overseen all of his recordings to date. "We have a great working chemistry that truly allows for terrific synergy to occur in the studio. We've always been able to communicate well and do what's best for the song, he's a master of his craft," the friendly giant notes. Geoffrey is a songwriter's songwriter, having written well over a hundred songs to date. His song "Partners In Crime"on his sophomore record features a duet with one of his biggest songwriting influences, Ron Sexsmith. His 2010 release, "Geoffrey the Giant's Heart's On Fire In The Dark" is a masterpiece and without question his best collection of songs to date. The album boasts powerful rock anthems like "Get While the Gettin's Good" and "In The Dark", and undeniably catchy pop numbers like "Ode To Lisa Simpson". It's a shame the giant's heart on was on fire when he wrote this album, but some good songs came out from the ashes.

1.1 Time Has Gone to Sleep
1.2 Table for One
1.3 Come on, Come Back, Come Home
1.4 Count on You
1.5 Faith in the Unknown
1.6 Evil in a Good Way
1.7 Partners in Crime
1.8 Come Out of Hiding
1.9 All Over Again
1.10 Good Day for a Change
1.11 I Used to Be a Lot of Things But Now I'm Just Alone

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