George Bellas

George Bellas: Turn of the Millennium

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Product Type: CD
Artist: George Bellas

Artist: George Bellas
Title: Turn of the Millennium

This debut album from guitarist George Bellas features Intensely heavy compositions with neo-classical leanings. Fans of stellar musicianship will be awed by his use of odd-time meter and progressive overtones. Highlights include "Lightyears," "Voyage in Time," "Relentless," "Forever" and more. Servicing to metal and college radio.

1.1 Turn of the Millennium
1.2 Ripped to Shreds
1.3 Everlasting
1.4 Relentless
1.5 Voyage in Time
1.6 Forever in Time
1.7 Future Music
1.8 Eternity
1.9 Survive
1.10 Monolith
1.11 Lightyears

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