George Dimitri Sawa

George Dimitri Sawa: Egyptian Music & Practice for Bellydancers

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Artist: George Dimitri Sawa
Title: Egyptian Music & Practice for Bellydancers

The booklet (included with physical CD purchase only) contains four chapters. The first has 21 rhythms used in Egyptian dances. It has two purposes: to guide you to learn and tap the rhythms, and to have you dance to recorded examples of each rhythm. Chapter 2 familiarizes you with the modes in two ways: musical scales and short melodies. Chapter 3 describes the musical instruments, and includes a photograph and a sound example of each one. Chapter 4 explains the main musical forms. Their understanding is crucial for your choreography because your movements must reflect the structure of the music. Dr. Sawa is an Egyptian trained musician (qanun player), theorist and historian. He has produced 'The Art of the Early Egyptian Qanun, vols. 1 and 2 featuring dances of Badia Masabni, Taheyya Carioca, Samia Gamal and spiritual dances from Egypt and the 17th-century Ottoman Court. Vol. 1 was nominated for a JUNO award in 2009. Michel Merhej Baklouk accompanied Feyrouz for 50 years and performed for both Taheyya Carioca and Samia Gamal. Suzanne Meyers Sawa studied drumming in Egypt. ('An Excellent Resource for Dancers,' Yasmina Ramzy, Arabesque, Toronto).

1.1 Dumm Sound
1.2 Takk Sound
1.3 Sakka Sound
1.4 Ayyub El-Masri (2/4)
1.5 El-Sabr Tayyeb, in Ayyub Rhythm
1.6 Free Rhythm Improvisation Over Ayyub Rhythm
1.7 Malfuf (2/4)
1.8 Ah Ya Zein, in Malfuf Rhythm and Hijaz Mode
1.9 A'rag or Aqsaq Turki (5/8)
1.10 Section of Sayyed Mohammad's Dance, in A'raj Rhythm
1.11 Valse (3/4)
1.12 Layali El-Andalus, in Valse Rhythm and Kurd Mode
1.13 Sudani (3/4)
1.14 Iskandarani (6/8)
1.15 Alexandrian Dance, in Iskandarani Rhythm and Ajam Mode
1.16 Masmudi Saghir (4/4)
1.17 El-Bulbul, in Masmudi Saghir Rhythm and Hijaz Mode
1.18 Maqsum (4/4)
1.19 Dulab Huzam, in Maqsum Rhythm
1.20 Measured Improvisation Over Maqsum Rhythm
1.21 Wahda Kabira (4/4)
1.22 Free Rhythm Improvisation Over Wahda Kabira Rhythm
1.23 Fallahi (4/4)
1.24 Shami, in Fallahi Rhythm and Rast Mode
1.25 Sai'di (4/4)
1.26 Mali Bih, in Sai'di Rhythm and Saba Mode
1.27 Zar Rhythm (4/4)
1.28 Zaffa and Shivaree (4/4)
1.29 Etmakhtari Ya Helwa, in Zaffa Rhythm and Bayati Mode
1.30 Masmudi Kabir (8/4)
1.31 Hasan Ya Kholi Eg-Genena, in Masmudi Kabir Rhythm and Nahawand Mode
1.32 Chifte Telli (8/4)
1.33 Measured Improvisation Over a Chifte Telli Rhythm
1.34 Aqsaq (9/8)
1.35 Zeybeq Dance, in Aqsaq Rhythm
1.36 Sama'i Thaqil (10/8)
1.37 Lamma Bada Yatathanna, in Sama'i Thaqil Rhythm and Nahawand Mode
1.38 Abul-Gheit (12/4)
1.39 Settat 'Ashar (16/4)
1.40 Finger Cymbal Pattern One (Simple)
1.41 Finger Cymbal Pattern Two
1.42 Darabukka Solo
1.43 Riqq Solo
1.44 Rast Mode
1.45 Bayati Mode
1.46 Sikah/Huzam Mode
1.47 Saba Mode
1.48 Nahawand Mode
1.49 Hijaz Mode
1.50 Kurd Mode
1.51 Ajam Mode
1.52 Duff Sound
1.53 Tar Sound
1.54 Mazhar Sound
1.55 Tabl Baladi Sound
1.56 'Ud Sound
1.57 Qanun Sound and Free Rhythm Improvisation
1.58 Semsemeyya Sound
1.59 Rababa Sound
1.60 Salameyya Sound
1.61 Nay Sound
1.62 Arghul Sound
1.63 Mizmar Sound
1.64 Dance of the Pomegranate
1.65 A Tribute to Mohammad Ali Street Composers

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