George Flynn

George Flynn: String Fever

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Artist: George Flynn

Artist: George Flynn
Title: String Fever

'Of his peers, only Cecil Taylor and Frederic Rzewski have created works which are of an equally impressive scale, as copiously detailed, technically challenging, and passionately expressive...' Art Lange, author and columnist - Point of Departure, 'A Fickle Sonance' (2011) New Music composer and pianist George Flynn releases a new recording for the Southport Composers Series, with 'String Fever.' The three major works are composed for violin & piano ('Together' - Stefan Hersh, violin); viola & piano ('Duo' - Keith Conant, viola); and cello & piano ('Winter Landscape' - Christopher Costanza, cello). George Flynn is pianist on all tracks. Tracks 01-11 'Together' for Violin & Piano (1979, 2001) 26:58 Tracks 12-25 'Duo' for Viola & Piano (1974, 1995) 22:54 Tracks 26-35 'Winter Landscape' for Cello & Piano (1977, 1998) 20:54 George Flynn chaired Musicianship and Composition at DePaul University (Chicago) for 25 years, and taught composition at Columbia University in the mid-1960s while he experimented and performed in New York with artists of the avant-garde Fluxus Movement, John Cage and Ilhan Mimaroglu. Since then, Mr. Flynn has composed over 150 works in all media, including six hours of piano solo music, and has recorded and performed new music for many years in the US and Europe. The Boston Globe called Flynn's 2011 Tanglewood performance of his 'Pieces of Night' 'a furiously virtuosic, brilliantly chiseled 50-minute monument to Vietnam-era insomnia, turbulence both historic and timely.' All works composed by George Flynn. Produced by George Flynn and Bradley Parker-Sparrow.

1.1 Together
1.2 Together
1.3 Together
1.4 Together
1.5 Together
1.6 Together
1.7 Together
1.8 Together
1.9 Together
1.10 Together
1.11 Together
1.12 Duo
1.13 Duo
1.14 Duo
1.15 Duo
1.16 Duo
1.17 Duo
1.18 Duo
1.19 Duo
1.20 Duo
1.21 Duo
1.22 Duo
1.23 Duo
1.24 Duo
1.25 Duo
1.26 Winter Landscape
1.27 Winter Landscape
1.28 Winter Landscape
1.29 Winter Landscape
1.30 Winter Landscape
1.31 Winter Landscape
1.32 Winter Landscape
1.33 Winter Landscape
1.34 Winter Landscape
1.35 Winter Landscape
1.36 Winter Landscape

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