George Tossikian

George Tossikian: Mosaic

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Title: Mosaic
Label: CD Baby

1 Carlo Domeniconi - Variations on an Anatolian Folksong, 2-4 Iakovos Kolanian - Three Armenian Dances, 5 Evangelos Boudounis - Mantinada, 6-11 Dusan Bogdanovic - Six Balkan Miniatures, 12 Sid Robinovitch - Kol Nidrei (after a Jewish Folksong), 13-16 Lily Afshar - Four Popular Persian Ballads, 17-20 Carlo Domeniconi - Koyunbaba ------------------------------------------------------ Three years after his first discographic work 'Guitar Music by Greek Composers', George Tossikian is bringing out his second album, entitled 'Mosaic'. The work is a collection of pieces for classical guitar inspired by the musical traditions of the Balkans, Greece, Asia Minor, Armenia, Persia and Israel. The 70-minute CD includes compositions by Evangelos Boudounis, Dusan Bogdanovic, Carlo Domeniconi, Iakovos Kolanian, Lily Afshar, and Sid Robinovitch. The civilizations that were born and thrived on the threshold of East and West, with their rich cultures and long histories have been considered, since ancient times, a point of dialogue between two different worlds. Though these cultures may differ considerably in many respects, they share a certain atmosphere, an essence, which few things, if any, can communicate as well as their music. Selecting works from Armenia, Persia, Greece, Asia Minor, Israel and the Balkans, this collection creates an invisible map where haunting melodies reveal a unit born out of shared experiences and influences, a perfect harmony. Just like the art of the mosaic was born at the same time throughout this area, bringing together these neighboring cultures, so this selection of music, brings together pieces from their musical tradition that, different on the surface, form a harmonious whole, a musical mosaic. For further information, please visit:

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