George Winston

George Winston: Spring Carousel

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Artist: George Winston

Artist: George Winston
Title: Spring Carousel

2017 release from the celebrated American pianist. A cancer research benefit album, Spring Carousel features a collection of 15 solo piano compositions written by Winston while in recovery from a bone marrow transplant for Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) at City of Hope, in Duarte, California, near Los Angeles. Proceeds from sales of Spring Carousel will directly benefit City of Hope. During his late-night piano sessions at City of Hope, themes turned into compositions that he labeled carousels. These were pieces influenced by the spiraling motions of the planets, stars and galaxies in the universe, composer Howard Blake's piece "The Snowman's Music Box Dance" from the children's video "The Snowman," composer Steve Reich's work, and the circular motion of music boxes and carnival carousels. Spring Carousel is comprised of three types of pieces: carousels, uptempo songs called Ms Mysteries, and slower ballad-esque bouquets.

1.1 Carousel 1
1.2 Carousel 2
1.3 Muted Dream
1.4 More Than You Know
1.5 Many Clocks
1.6 Ms. Mystery 1
1.7 Unrequited Love
1.8 Dream 2
1.9 Night Blooming/Carousel 16
1.10 Fess' Carousels
1.11 Ms. Mystery 2
1.12 Pixie #13 in C (Gobajie)
1.13 Ms. Mystery 3
1.14 Rekindling Love
1.15 Requited Love

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