George Winston

George Winston: The Velveteen Rabbit

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Product Type: CD
Artist: George Winston

Title: The Velveteen Rabbit
Label: Valley

CD reissue. The Velveteen Rabbit is an album by pianist George Winston and actress Meryl Streep, released in 1985. The story, The Velveteen Rabbit, is narrated by Streep accompanied by Winston's piano pieces, which also appear without narration. The album was produced by Mark Sottnick and Clay Stites.

1.1 The Velveteen Rabbit (Piano Solo)
1.2 Christmas
1.3 The Toys
1.4 The Skin Horse
1.5 Nana
1.6 Lullaby
1.7 Spring
1.8 Summer
1.9 The Rabbit Dance
1.10 Alone (Piano Solo)
1.11 Shabbiness Doesn't Matter
1.12 Anxious Moments
1.13 The Fairy
1.14 Flying
1.15 Returning
1.16 The Velveteen Rabbit (Piano Solo)

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