Georgette Jones

Georgette Jones: Strong Enough to Cry

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Artist: Georgette Jones

Artist: Georgette Jones
Title: Strong Enough to Cry

Georgette Jones recorded 'Strong Enough To Cry' in Brady, Texas, using the finest Texas musician inlcuding Jake Hooker on bass, Reggie Rueffer on fiddle, Charley Walton on lead guitar, Ronnie Huckaby on piano, Jim Loessberg on drums, Justin Trevino and Randy Lindley on rhythm guitar, plus her husband Jamie Lennon on steel guitar. Georgette honors her parents on this project. Georgette and Amber Digby are featured on one of Tammy Wynette's classics in 'Run Woman Run' while she covers her dad with 'I Just Don't Give A Damn.' She also includes a couple of songs written by fellow Heart of Texas Recording Artist Johnny Bush with 'Rainbow Colored Words' and 'Where Were You.' Georgette also wrote three songs for the project with 'I Don't Love You' 'Ways To Make You Talk' and 'Broken, Bitter or Better.' 'We are so excited to have Georgette as part of our Heart of Texas family,' label President Tracy Pitcox said. 'We feel that she is truly one of the finest new traditionalist in Country Music today.'

1.1 Strong Enough to Cry
1.2 Don't Come Back Till You Love Me
1.3 Run Woman Run
1.4 Making Love All Wrong
1.5 I Just Don't Give a Damn
1.6 A Day Late, a Diamond Short
1.7 Rainbow Colored Words
1.8 Broken, Bitter or Better
1.9 I'm Not Even Close
1.10 Ways to Make You Talk
1.11 Where Were You
1.12 Out Love You

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