B. Bartok

B. Bartok: Miraculous Mandarin (Comp) / Concerto for Orch

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Product Type: CD
Artist: B. Bartok

Title: Miraculous Mandarin (Comp) / Concerto for Orch
Label: Naxos

With it's bizarre story of moral corruption and violence, Bela Bart k' final stage work, the Miraculous Mandarin, was banned after the first performance in 1926.

1.1 Opening ? the Girl and Three Tramps
1.2 First Seduction Game: The Shabby Old Rake
1.3 Second Seduction Game: The Young Student
1.4 Third Seduction Game
1.5 The Mandarin Enters and Remains Immobile in the Doorway
1.6 The Girl Begins a Hesitant Dance?
1.7 The Mandarin Stumbles ? the Chase Becomes Even More Passionate
1.8 The Three Tramps Leap Out, Seize the Mandarin and Tear Him Away from the Girl
1.9 Suddenly the Mandarin's Head Appears Between the Pillows and He Looks Longingly at the Girl
1.10 The Terrified Tramps Discuss How They Are to Get Rid of the Mandarin
1.11 The Body of the Mandarin Begins to Glow with a Greenish Blue Light
1.12 She Resists No Longer ? They Embrace
1.13 I. Introduzione: Andante Non Troppo - Allegro Vivace
1.14 II. Giuoco Delle Coppie: Allegretto Scherzando
1.15 III. Elegia: Andante Non Troppo
1.16 IV. Intermezzo Interrotto: Allegretto
1.17 V. Finale: Presto

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