Gerardo Frisina: Hi Note

Gerardo Frisina: Hi Note
Title: Hi Note
Label: Schema

This album, containing 11 new tracks, as well as a cover of Harington's 'Beyond the Moon', represents an evolution of the personal Latin Jazz sound that makes Frisina's productions so distinguished. Differnt from his previous releases, it features a much larger contribution by outside artists, like the namesakes of Luigi Bonafede, Emanuele Cisi, and Andrea Dulbecco.

1.1 Inviolatin
1.2 Joyas
1.3 Bluesanova
1.4 Intenso
1.5 Beyond the Moon
1.6 Saeta 03
1.7 Cubana
1.8 Ombroso
1.9 Zambele
1.10 Sophisicated Samba
1.11 Heading for What I Know
1.12 On the Edge

Gerardo Frisina: Hi Note

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